Visit To Malta

Just got back from visiting Malta. Had heard many great things about it and pretty high expectations. Here is the good and bad from my personal perspective. Lets start with the bad. Malta is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. The major cities like St Julians are way to crowded for me. The other thing to get used to if you are coming from North America is driving on the other side of the road. I would say once per day I caught my self driving on the wrong side. Or if I did not realize I was on the wrong side, friendly locals would let me know instantly with their horn to avoid a head on collision.

Now onto the good. The good defiantly overshadows the bad. If you branch out into the quieter smaller cities by the water its an amazing experience. The locals are very friendly and the food is great. The water surrounding the island is some of the clearest water I have ever seen. In many places its a beautiful emerald green. Just a 20 minute fair ride off the coast is “The Blue Lagoon” This island literally has the clearest water I have seen in my life. You can swim across the lagoon to the other side of the island and then swim through a cave to the other side of the island.

On a random street this Orange car caught my eye and it literally ended up being the General Lee from the Dukes Of Hazard Movie. Growing up I loved that show so it was pretty cool to see the actual car used in the movie.

By far the best place to stay is at the Raddision Blue at Golden Bay. Its a quite amazing location. The water is calm and you have a private beach. The private beach is nice because some of the other beaches can be crowded.

All in all I loved the trip and look forward to my next visit. Dustin Hahn

Dustin Hahn

Dustin Hahn

NIce To Be Back In Italy


Travel plans keep landing me back in Italy. Out of all the countries I have been Italy is hands down one of my favorites. The landscape is incredible the fresh food is mouth watering at every meal.

I have spent the last four days in this amazing villa for a master mind meeting. The property is called Villa Pianciani. Its a 14 bedroom home and it was built in 1790. The house staff is amazing, every meal is so good makes you sad you have to leave.

Below are some pics of the property.

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Dustin Hahn Italy Trip

Dustin Hahn Italy Trip

Dustin Hahn Italy Trip

Dustin Hahn Italy Trip

Dustin Hahn Italy Trip Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 5.12.03 PM

Can’t Wait To Ride

Motocross season is approaching soon and I can’t wait to ride. I’m traveling Europe until Mid June with stops in Spain, Romania, Italy and a few other countries. Then I will be off to Canada to ride.

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Three Months In Revelstoke.

All my life I grew up riding snowmobiles. when I was 20 years old I moved to California and gave up the sport for almost 7 years. During those 7 years I built a virtual business that would allow me to live anywhere and I always swore I would move to the mountains so I could ride almost every day.

This year I took action on that and moved to Revelstoke British Columbia for the winter. I rented a condo right at the ski resort so I could snowmobile and snowboard daily.

The video below was taken with Geoff Kyle. This guy is a snowmobile legend and I had the honor of riding with him for two days in February.