About Dustin Hahn

Born and raised in Leduc, Alberta, a Canadian city with a large variety of parks and sports amenities, Dustin Hahn grew up with a passion for the

picture of Dustin Hahn on mountainoutdoors and sports. Dustin grew up doing extreme sports and outdoor activities like motocross, snowmobiling and dirt bike riding. He developed confidence, focus, discipline and an ability to challenge personal fears through outdoor and extreme sports. These skills would prove very important on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

From an early age Dustin recognized that he enjoyed working with people, getting things done, and finding solutions to problems through systems and automated processes. Right after graduating from high school Dustin began his first foray into business. His love for the outdoors and coastal cities motivated him to move to California at the age of 20. Dustin knew that starting his own business would give him the agency to run his own life. He saw a balanced life as being able to provide services to people and also being able to do the things that brought him fulfillment.  From there, Dustin built experience working in different industries to learn about business. What he learned in these experiences would also contribute to his eventual success as an entrepreneur.

Journey to Entrepreneurship

Looking to build more income and increase his earning potential, Dustin invested in and studied real estate hidden techniques to learn about the successful strategies used by the thought leaders in the industry. He became proactive about learning the ins and outs of the tax liens and tax deeds, ultimately seeking to educate others on the knowledge he had ascertained.

Integrating his knowledge of tax liens and deeds sales techniques onto an online platform he created, Dustin executed his first strategy as an online business owner. The years spent learning and working in real estate investing, in addition to his online platform, will eventually set him up as an authoritative leader in providing information on real estate investing to professionals in the industry. Dustin went on to speak at colleges and various seminars around the country, mentoring and providing information on real estate investing, and the tax liens and tax deeds niche.

Dustin Hahn International

Today, Dustin Hahn International, his internet-based company is a top competitor in the tax liens and tax deeds industry in the U.S. Dustin Hahn International provides authoritative information on real estate investing through a wide range of media. Dustin has been able to successfully create a life as an entrepreneur and has achieved his goal of integrating his passion into his business.

Outdoor activities and  extreme sports still remain a constant part of Dustin Hahn’s life. He still  travels around the world, building his business and finding new ways to develop his industry.