Top 4 Travel Apps for 2016


Traveling is a great opportunity to spend with family and friends and explore things you have never seen before. However, planning a trip requires a lot of behind the scenes works such as booking flights and hotels. Nowadays, applications on smartphones have made people’s lives easier as you are able to control everything at your fingertips. Below you will find the top four apps to download for traveling in 2016! Enjoy.


If you travel quite often, than I highly recommend you download this app ASAP. This unique app allows people to organize flights, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations and more all in the palm of your hand. Pretty awesome, right? You also have the ability to check out your family or friends plans whenever you want, without asking them for constant updates. All you need is their email addresses and you are all good to go. During your travel, you will definitely be discovering new restaurants and shops along the way. Now, with this app you are just two clicks away to add them to your itinerary for future reference.


If you thought google translate was awesome think again. Bravolol contains more than 800 common phrases that can be extremely beneficial for travelers who are not too familiar with the language of the place they are traveling too. This app is also a great way for meeting new friends and asking for directions. You have up to 13 languages to choose from and once it is downloaded, no internet connection is required.


Citymapper is one of the best transit apps out on the market. Wherever you may be traveling, this app will find the best route for you to get from point A to point B. It will give you constant updates of bus times, train times and more. It is available in around 30 cities worldwide, with all the obvious city-break destinations covered.

XE Currency

The XE currency app is seen as a hot commodity for many users who are looking for currency conversions. This app also has a ton of unique business features that include rates and historic currency charts. What can be better? XE Currency is able to convert every world currency at a blink of an eye.
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