Extreme Sports: Archery Tag

I know what you’re thinking, archery and tag do not sound like a good mix. How could chasing or running from someone while shooting an arrow be fun? Who would allow anyone to partake ins such a dangerous game? Surprisingly enough, archery tag  not only seems pretty fun, but it also seems pretty safe for all ages too!

What is Archery Tag?

Similar to dodge ball, archery tag is played with a group of individuals with the goal of tagging each other out. The difference is archery tag is played with foamed tip,  non-lethal arrows instead of a dodge ball.

Archery Tag gear

Archery tag does not requires anything other than a facemask. This is because the tips of the arrows are are foam and the experience of participating in archery tag has been described as one that is virtually painless.

How do you play archery tag?

In order to play archery tag there needs to be teams, each consisting of 5 players. The players must play opposite the other and each team has a 5-Spot Knockout Target. The objectives of the game are:

  • Hit the opponents
  • Knock out the five discs of the opposing team’s target

Players can be eliminated by hitting another player with their arrow or catching the arrow of the opposing player.

The 5-Spot Targets can also be useful in “saving a player’s life”. A single “hit” can be recalled in the game should a target spot be knocked out or when a teammate catches an arrow.  

Here’s a video to provide more insight on how Archery Tag is played:

For more information, visit archerytag.com