How To Find The Right Mountainboard

With elements of snowboarding, skateboarding and BMXing, mountainboarding is a truly unique extreme sport. Mountainboarding originally began when snowboarding enthusiasts wanted a way to do the sport all year round. Now, mountainboarding is a sport all its own. Snowboarding can be an expensive activity because of the price of travel to and from no resorts. Mountainboarding, on the other hand, can be done almost anywhere.

Learning to mountainboard is not particularly difficult. Most people are able to move comfortably on the mountainboard within their first hour. The best way to get started is by getting help from a qualified instructor. While mountainboarding, you should wear personal protection equipment. This includes knees pads, elbow pads, a helmet and wrist guards. You should wear this equipment whenever you’re on the board.

To get started, you’ll probably want to get a feel for the activity before buying the board and equipment. Head to a mountainboarding slope so that you can rent a board and all the protective equipment. You can also get a lesson from an instructor. After you learn, you may get hooked and want to get your own mountain board. When this comes to pass, you’ll want to make sure you get the right mountainboard for you. You’ll really want to make sure you have the right mountainboard, since this will increase the likelihood that you’ll stick with mountainboarding.

When you’re trying to find the right mountainboard, there are a few things to take into a consideration. One part of the board you’ll want to pay attention to is the deck. When you’re a beginner you’re going to want to focus on the length of the deck. Generally, the larger you are the larger the deck should be. A small child typically gets an 80 centimeter deck while a six-foot tall adult is likely to have a 100 centimeter deck.

You’ll also need to pay attention to trucks. There are two main truck types that are often found on beginner’s mountainboards. These are skate trucks and channel trucks. Skate trucks are similar to the trucks used on skateboards. The main difference is that they are beefed up so that they are able to operate on rough terrain. They also have longer axles than those on a skateboard in order to accommodate the bigger wheel. Channel trucks are made of a channel-shaped axle that is bolted horizontally into a hanger. It has springs and dampers which control the degree to which the truck can move. Some channel trucks allow you to adjust the movement so that you can get more or less turn. Because of their adjustability and their stability, channel trucks are probably the most widely used trucks.

Bindings are another important aspect of a board. You can choose a simple velcro strap, more adjustable ratchet straps or snowboard bindings. All of the bindings work in a similar way, and the chances are, the binding you get is just going to depend on which board you buy. You can easily upgrade your bindings as you get more into mountainboarding. This way you will know which type of riding you want to do and get the bindings that are best for that type of riding.

The last important aspect to look at is the wheels. Most mountainboards have wheels that are 20 centimeters (8 inches) in diameter. There is a variety of hubs and tires for you to choose from, but it is typical for a beginner to go with plastic hubs and 8 inch tires. As is true with bindings, you will probably just get whichever wheels come with the board.

Mountainboarding can be an extremely exciting and accessible sport. Give it a try and chances are you’ll be hooked. Follow these tips to get the right mountainboard or you so that you can learn more easily and find more enjoyment in this exhilarating sport.