5 Of The Best Cities In America For Winter Travel

While many people think that winter travel requires going to a tropical paradise, there is a lot to see during the winter within the continental United States. Whether you want to go skiing or just see a picturesque town covered in snow, there are a number of American travel destinations that are perfect for the winter. Here are some of the best winter travel destinations in America:


Jackson, Wyoming

One of America’s most authentic western destinations, Jackson, Wyoming is a must-visit in the winter. The streets are filled with exclusive furriers and mom-and-pop motels. If  you’re a skier, Jackson Hole is a must, with the slopes delivering steep and powdery runs. If skiing isn’t your thing, you can immerse yourself in nature by visiting the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park. If you want to see wildlife, you can take a tour with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris through Grand Teton National Park, where you can see wolves, elk, coyotes, mule deer, moose and bighorn sheep.


Charlottesville, Virginia

While the tourism spotlight is typically given to lowcountry cities like Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, Charlottesville, Virginia is an charming place to visit as well. Charlottesville can be described as an “artsy college town”, but the beauty of the town in winter makes it also a picturesque getaway. Since Virginia is the fifth largest wine producer in the country, visitors can enjoy a glass of local Merlot or tour the vineyards along the Monticello Wine Trail.


Bethel, Maine

With the pine-laden White Mountain nearby, Bethel, Maine is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the winter. With horse-drawn sleigh rides and a number of inns that are housed in 19th-century buildings, Bethel is filled with classic charm. When you get hungry, you’ll want to try the Yankee pot roast and shepherd’s pie. If you’re a beginner skier, you may want to visit Mount Abram just five miles outside of Bethel to take lessons.


Ouray, Colorado

If you want to travel somewhere with an adventurous and authentic winter ambiance, Ouray, Colorado is the destination for you. This mining town is one of the few places where you can observe ice climbers, warm up in a vapor cave discovered by miners and take in the sights of Victorian buildings while strolling along the streets. Scaling the ice formations may be the most common activity there, but there are opportunities to ski and snowboard as well.


Sandpoint, Idaho

Typically when you travel to a winter destination, there is one activity of choice, but with the Lake Pend Oreille and the Selkirk Mountains nearby, Sandpoint, Idaho has no shortage of activities. The residents enjoy sailing, hiking, skiing, fishing and paddleboarding. The town is not only a source of scenic beauty but also a hub for the arts. For a night of dazzling theater, head to the historic Spanish mission-style Panida Theater. If you want to grab some food and drink, enjoy Sandpoint’s vineyard, breweries and sophisticated dining scene. If you’re visiting nearby Spokane, you’ll want to make the 75-mile trip to experience the charming town.
If you can’t travel overseas during the winter, there are still a number of incredible winter destinations within the U.S. Travel to one of these picturesque cities and you’ll be left in awe by the beauty and charm found right here in the U.S.