5 Of The World’s Most Extreme Sports

Many thrillseekers enjoy extreme sports, but some sports are so extreme that few people do them. People who like to immerse themselves in nature while also getting a thrill engage in these sports. But beware, these aren’t for a novice. Don’t try and of these at home. Here are some of the world’s most extreme sports:


Free Soloing

We’ve all heard of rock climbing, but this form of rock climbing takes the danger to the next level. Free Soloing is a type of climbing in which you do not have the safety of harnesses, ropes or protective gear. The only things holding you in place are your hands and feet. Many would call free-soloing a competition between the climber, the elements and the climber’s fear. There are very few people who can participate in this sport, as one mistake can be deadly.


Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is an extreme sport that involves climbing inclined ice formations. ICe climbers often climb the sides of glaciers or frozen waterfalls, using ropes and picks to scale these dangerous surfaces. It is very dangerous because there is a possibility of falling into an icy crevasse, or even experiencing an avalanche out of nowhere. It is this thrill, however, that makes ice climbers so enthusiastic about their sport.


BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is so dangerous that it’s illegal in many place. BASE stand for the four types of objects that jumpers leap from: Buildings, Antennas, Spans (Bridges) and Earth. BASE Jumpers jump off of these objects, typically at a low altitude so that they only have a few seconds to deploy the parachute. They essentially have no time to deal with problems and malfunctions. Base jumping is a variation on skydiving, but much more dangerous.


Wingsuit Flying

People have dreamed of flying since prehistoric times. Wingsuit flying makes it possible, but at the risk of the participant’s safety. By wearing a wingsuit, a skydiver or BASE jumper can leap out of a plane or off of a platform, spread their arms, and soar through the air. When you’re wingsuit flying you need to deploy a parachute as you get closer to the ground. Without the help of a parachute, you will not be able to reduce the speed quickly enough for a safe landing.



If tightrope walking isn’t exciting enough for you, there is a much more dangerous option called highlining. In highlining, an athlete walks across a narrow springy band of rope that is suspended high above the ground. Highlining is different from tightrope walking in a couple of ways. Tightrope walkers typically carry a long pole to help them keep their balance, while highliners balance using their arms. Tightrope walkers walk on a heavy steel cable that is pulled tight so that it doesn’t move much. Highliners walk on a type of rope known as tubular nylon webbing which is much stretchier than steel cable and is also hollow like a straw, thus causing it to bounce and swing when walked on.
There are many extreme sports out there, but some are more extreme than others. These are some of the most dangerous sports in the world and are only performed by a daring few.