Extreme Sports

Hatchet Throwing in New Jersey

Hatchet throwing and beer do not mix! Unless, you visit the increasingly popular Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Eatontown, New Jersey. Stumpy’s Hatchet House, located on Meridian Road, is the first establishment of its kind and is providing its customers with the option to participate in two hour hatchet throwing sessions. Specialized sessions include and are not limited to bachelorette and… Read more →

How To Find The Right Mountainboard

With elements of snowboarding, skateboarding and BMXing, mountainboarding is a truly unique extreme sport. Mountainboarding originally began when snowboarding enthusiasts wanted a way to do the sport all year round. Now, mountainboarding is a sport all its own. Snowboarding can be an expensive activity because of the price of travel to and from no resorts. Mountainboarding, on the other hand,… Read more →

Extreme Sports: Archery Tag

I know what you’re thinking, archery and tag do not sound like a good mix. How could chasing or running from someone while shooting an arrow be fun? Who would allow anyone to partake ins such a dangerous game? Surprisingly enough, archery tag  not only seems pretty fun, but it also seems pretty safe for all ages too! What is… Read more →

Extreme Sports: All Things Jumping

This post is all about jumping. Jumping cliffs, jumping mountains, or jumping buildings, jumping is one of the most extreme sports out there today. There is something instinctively dangerous about the power of gravity, and submitting yourself completely to such a force of nature. Though jumping without some sort of form or safety mechanism will probably get you killed, jumping… Read more →

Top Moments in X Games History

The X Games, the annual sporting event, was founded in 1995, and it is the biggest extreme sporting event in the world. Participants compete to win bronze, silver, and gold medals, as well as prize money. Below you will find some of the top moments in X Games history.   Tony Hawk Lands the 900 On July 27, 1999, legendary… Read more →

Top Adventures of 2015

Ice Climb Niagara Falls Will Gadd, the Canadian ice Climber, is considered as one of the most daring people in the world. Over the course of his life he has done some jaw dropping things that have gotten people’s attention. However, scaling a frozen shoulder of Niagara Falls on a cold January day is pretty insane in most people’s eyes… Read more →