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How To Prepare For A Long Flight

When you travel, you get to immerse yourself in a new environment, see new sights and learn about life in different parts of the world. Traveling can also be relaxing and can help you to recharge both physically and emotionally. But anyone who travels a lot knows that there is one big downside: traveling by airplane. Short flights are already… Read more →

Top Cities to Visit This Fall

Summer is almost officially over and Fall is nearly upon us. This means it’s time to find a new places to begin new adventures and create new memories. This is also the time of year when we get to enjoy the last bit of bearable whether before those cold winter temperatures set in. Whether it’s apple or pumpkin picking, leaves… Read more →

Top 4 Travel Apps for 2016

  Traveling is a great opportunity to spend with family and friends and explore things you have never seen before. However, planning a trip requires a lot of behind the scenes works such as booking flights and hotels. Nowadays, applications on smartphones have made people’s lives easier as you are able to control everything at your fingertips. Below you will… Read more →

GoPro Craze: Why the Extreme Sports Community Is In Love With This Product

In the world of extreme sports, the GoPro wearable camera is King, and this branding is completely unintentional. From kitesurfing to cave spelunking, wielding the GoPro is the surest way to grab the best footage as you engage in your adventures. In this article, Conde Nast highlights some of the best footage captured on the GoPro after a failed search… Read more →